I Analyzed 7 Personalized Video Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Basic personalization in marketing is the norm nowadays. Consumers expect to see their names in newsletters they subscribe to. The same goes for messages they automatically receive after they file a support ticket, or the confirmation that pops up saying that they successfully made a purchase.

But if you want to delight your customers and create memorable experiences for them, you need to think waaaay beyond the *|FNAME|* tag in emails. This is where personalized video marketing enters the scene.

I am a huge fan of personalized videos because they engage the eye and create the feeling of 1:1 interaction between a brand and its customers. It’s almost impossible not to feel special and cared for.

If you’re thinking about implementing this type of personalization into your marketing mix, you came to the right place. I’ve briefly analyzed some of the best-personalized video examples out there that you can use for inspiration.

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TL;DR: In this article, we go over a few personalized video marketing examples to inspire you! The examples include campaigns from Paddington 2 Movie Promo, Breast Cancer Awareness, Spotify Wrapped, Nike and Nike+, UNICEF, UGG Boots, and Cadbury. We don’t just list they examples, we analyze them and highlight the reasons why they were effective.
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Personalized Video Marketing Example #1: The Paddington 2 Movie Promo

Paddington is probably the most loved animated bear. Well, maybe after Winnie the Pooh and Balu from “The Jungle Book”. But as the marmalade-loving and overly polite fictional character who “tries so hard to get things right”, Paddington has a particularly special place in the hearts of the UK people.

In 2018, a teaser campaign was launched from the Paddington’s official Twitter account that at the moment of writing this article, has more than 300K followers. The purpose was to send a personalized message to users when the new movie becomes available on DVD and BlueRay.

Users who expressed their interest in getting a reminder would first get a personalized video as a confirmation that they will receive a reminder next week.

The personalized video of the actual reminder was short and sweet, and consisted of the user’s name written in marmalade and then being wiped by Paddington.

Why I loved this personalized video example

  • It brought the user closer to the beloved Paddington
  • It made the user feel important when receiving a shout out on Twitter
  • It appealed to users’ emotions, making them feel special, valued, and as direct participants of the conversation
  • It advertised for the movie release without being too aggressive
  • It was really cute, in all honesty

Personalized Video Marketing Example #2: The Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

The research and care charity Breast Cancer Now launched one of the biggest fundraising events called Wear it Pink. It’s an annual event that happens on October 21 each year. The tradition spans over two decades and resulted in £37 million raised to date. 

The idea of wearing pink for raising awareness about breast cancer is very simple, yet effective. It’s very easy to join the movement and become an advocate for breast cancer research and support. Every year, the charity launches #wearitpink social media campaign to boost visibility and bring people together. In 2019, they decided to send personalized video messages to everyone who engaged with the hashtag.

Why I loved this personalized video example

  • According to the campaign reports, engagement rates tripled and the social reach was measured in millions
  • The 20-second video addressed the person by their name, included personalized photos, and expressed appreciation for their support
  • It was shareable and a good conversation starter
  • It was on brand
  • It underlined the importance of individual impact in a community that cares about a certain cause

Personalized Video Marketing Example #3: Spotify Wrapped

Spotify’s AI-driven recommender has been praised a lot. Thanks to the “Made for You" recommendations, users can easily discover new sounds that match their taste. I was always fascinated by the way great algorithms work because it seems like there needs to be a fine balance between introducing novelty and ensuring the recommendation would be a fit.

Just like any modern streaming services, Spotify is all about personalization. The user experience it provides makes customers feel like they have a custom-made app, just for them.
In 2016, Spotify launched their Spotify Wrapped campaign that became an ongoing, annual thing. In a personalized video, users can view a compilation of their data and summaries about their activity on the platform. Spotify Wrapped includes the names of musicians and songs the user listened to most often, interesting statistics, and their top music genres.

Why I loved this personalized video example

  • Millions of people share their personalized videos on their social media every year
  • Personalized videos contributed to the boost of the Spotify’s app store ranking
  • Because many share their personalized videos, people who are not on Spotify decide to join because of FOMO 
  • The animations of the data were visually pleasing
  • As users shared their listening history and musical preferences, it sparked interesting conversations across social media and discussions about music

Personalized Video Marketing Example #4: Nike and the Outdo You with Nike+

Nike is by far the most prominent example of a company with a strong brand selling proposition. Their marketing narrative always appealed to our aspirational selves and our desire to become something more. Buying Nike apparel is like buying a ticket for athletic excellence. It makes us feel good about ourselves, like we’re proactive, and a part of something bigger. 

Similar to Spotify, Nike also offered a year-in-review type of personalized video thanks to Nike+, the activity tracker device that works through a wireless connection. The summed data of the distance and pace were included in the video, along with other user information (name, location, half-marathons they ran, etc.)

Why I loved this personalized video example

  • The personalized video shows the athletic achievements of the user, which brings them closer to the brand 
  • The video embodies Nike’s motto “Just Do It” and strengthens brand loyalty
  • Because the video is cool and it showcases commitment to a healthy life, it’s a strong enough incentive for the users to share them on social media and spread the word
  • Nike+ is just one of the total of 48 apps Nike has, and this type of campaign serves as great disseminators, drawing more members in
  • The user is presented as a hero and the focal point of the story

Personalized Video Marketing Example #5: UNICEF

If there’s someone who knows how to make you care, it’s UNICEF. The most renowned UN fund responsible for providing humanitarian help to children all across the world, has enabled people to create a personalized video and discover UNICEF’s work.
The user is invited to “take a stroll down the memory lane” and create a timeline video by choosing three things from their youth. Then the user can see how UNICEF coincides with their upbringing.

Why I loved this personalized video example

  • The video creates an instant connection between the user’s childhood and the children of today, which reinforces empathy
  • The timeline offered within the personalized video also explains the growth of UNICEF as an organization
  • The video is engaging and educational
  • The users reminiscence their childhood which acts as an emotional trigger 
  • The idea of community and the power of togetherness is celebrated

Personalized Video Marketing Example #6: UGG Boots and Their Christmas Campaign

For better or worse, UGG boots have taken the world by storm in the early 2000s. I’m not much of a fashionista, but at one point - they were everywhere. It was a must-have item for every woman who followed trends, the craze was real, but the pair cost around $230 on average. This is why this personalized video marketing example is so brilliant.

As you can see, in this personalized video user’s photo with their partner is put in the frame. The brand has taken advantage of the holiday song “All I want for Christmas is you” and gave it a funny, more realistic twist.

Why I loved this personalized video marketing example

  • It’s funny and accurate
  • It includes personalized info provided by the user about the desired model, size, and color, which makes the video a nice way to not-so-subtly hint to the partner what they want for Christmas
  • It’s memorable and different than typical cheesy Christmas campaigns
  • It’s engaging, creative, and unpredictable
  • It turns the user into a brand advocate, the shopping becomes a fun and memorable experience

Personalized Video Marketing Example #7: Cadbury

Cadbury is one of the biggest brands that invests a lot in personalization. It’s all about turning the simple act of gifting chocolates into a gesture that brings people together. This is why customers have numerous options to add a personal touch. They can request custom packaging that would include the name of the receiver, a special message, or even a QR code with a link to the video they previously recorded.

Cadbury also ran several personalized video marketing campaigns, but if I had to choose one - it would be this interactive one they launched on Facebook in 2016. The idea was that users would comment on the post with #right and #forward to control the Cadbury claw, and it was necessary to finish the comment with #grab. This instructions controlled the claw and the user could potentially win a free chocolate bar.

Why I loved this personalized video example

  • The Facebook post that announced the game generated over 2.6 million views, 127,000 comments, and over 15,000 likes
  • The personalized video included the name of the user and it created a unique digital experience
  • Waiting to see if the claw would actually grab the chocolate was exciting
  • Rewarding customers with actual physical chocolate reinforced their connection to the brand
  • It was fun, incredibly creative, and it must have generated word of mouth

Ready to Try Personalized Video Marketing for Yourself?

I hope you liked this analysis of seven really awesome personalized video marketing examples. Personalized video campaigns are ideal for loyalty programs and upsells. But they also provide an amazing way to strengthen your brand’s position on the market, build brand equity, generate word of mouth, and ultimately - increase new sales rates.

If you want to incorporate personalized videos into your marketing mix, it’s easier than you think.

I started Plainly to make it simple for marketing managers and those in charge of creating amazing customer experiences, to make videos on autopilot. All you have to do is: 1) pick a video template (or create your own) 2) connect your data (either through a CSV, or with our API) and 3) start rendering & sending videos. You can easily generate 1000s of personalized videos automatically.

This may sound a bit abstract, which is why I’d recommend you book a 15-min demo call for Plainly. BTW, it’s truly a demo call, not a sales call. I want to show you how to get started ASAP, and not waste time. You can use Plainly immediately after the call.

FAQs About Personalized Video Marketing

1. What is personalized video marketing?

Personalized video marketing implies creating and delivering videos that are tailored to the interests, preferences, and needs of individual viewers. When automated, different video elements such as recipients’ names, colors, messages, and visuals get swapped via special software.

2. What type of data do I need to create great personalized videos?

With personalized video marketing, marketers use data such as user demographics, browsing history, and purchase behavior to understand what type of video content would resonate with each individual viewer. If you’re using video automation software, then you need a database with all the information inserted. 

3. How do I automate the process of creating personalized marketing videos?

If you want to automate personalized marketing videos, you will need a video template and a data source. After that, you can set up the integration, and decide on the triggers for personalized video production. To learn more about this process, check out our detailed step-by-step guide to personalized video production.

4. What are the best personalized video marketing tools?

It’s not easy to choose a tool that will allow you to create customized videos at scale just the way you want to. This is why I analyzed and compared five different personalized video marketing solutions. Check out what Pirsonal, Shotstack, Motionlab, SundaySky, HippoVideo, and Plainly can do for you in my analysis of personalized video marketing solutions.

5. How to ensure your personalized video marketing campaign is a success?   

The first step in planning a personalized video marketing campaign is to define the goals you want to achieve. Make sure you have sufficient data about your audience so that your custom videos hit the mark with each individual viewer. Keep the length of your video short, make it about the viewer, and include a clear CTA that will guide them in terms of the next steps.

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