Automate variation creation and save dozens of hours.

No need to manually create video variations anymore, or to set up robust rendering systems that will render variations locally. Upload your After Effects project into Plainly, and render 1000s of variations automatically on the cloud.

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89% decrease in time spent on video creation

75% increase in cost savings

10% increase in overall team productivity

*stats based on a recent customer case study

The key benefits

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After Effects based

Use old projects, or create a new. Plainly uses After Effects, and there are no special requirements for template creation.

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Easy set up

Set up takes 5 minutes, and can be done by a non-technical person. Simply upload your AE project into Plainly and select dynamic elements.

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Automated cloud rendering

Plainly is capable of rendering large amounts of videos automatically in the cloud. You just need to provide the data that will get added to the video.

How creative agenices use Plainly?

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Video versioning

If you work with large clients that have multiple products and markets, you probably create dozens of video variations. Plainly automates that process and frees up your creative team.

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Automate video creation with video editing API

Have a campaign that requires a high volume video creation, or you want to enable your clients to create video versions? Our video editing API is perfect for that!

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Create personalized video campaigns

With Plainly, you can easily set up personalized video campaigns that will help your clients reach their customers on a personal level and drive results.

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We've used Plainly to automate the production of a large NFT collection. It holds a crucial part within our automation pipeline where it takes our large database, puts it through our After Effects template and magically exports mp4s. We literally had team members saying "It's like magic". Plainly team was amazing helping us bring everything to production, it's obvious that customer satisfaction is super important to them. To anyone who wants to automate video production, we recommend Plainly over any other alternative on the market!
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Filip Rastovic

Lead Technical Artist @ Eterlast

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Start automating video creation now.

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