Add a video creation feature to your software in hours, not months.

Plainly’s powerful video editing API is the perfect tool to enable your users to create videos inside of your product without spending months of dev time.

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The key benefits

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Reliable and secure

Our secure rendering infrastructure is built to sustain high loads and large volumes.

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Powerful API

Plainly is built API-first, your users can access the full functionality of Plainly without leaving your product.

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High-quality templates

Templates for Plainly are built in After Effects. This means that you or your users can easily create Hollywood-level templates.

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Get started in 3 easy steps:

Template creation

Work with our team, or create templates yourself in After Effects. No limitations, you control every aspect of the video. Plainly also offers a template library free for all users.

Plainly set up

Upload the template to the Plainly Web App, mark dynamic video elements, and integrate Plainly into your product using our simple rest API.


Plainly automatically renders videos with each request and sends them back when finished via Webhooks or native integrations.

Popular Plainly use cases for tech companies

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Personalized videos

Combine user data with high-quality templates and create personalized videos such as Spotify Wrapped to drive engagement.

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White label video creation

Extend your product with video creation without wasting time on developing a custom solution.

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We’re using Plainly to allow our users to create club keys and event invites. We decided on Plainly because we can quickly import an After Effects project, and the integration with their API was easy. It would take us ages to build a video creating feature in UltraViolet, so integrating with Plainly was a no-brainer and it paid off so far.
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Aabid Shamji

Leading AI/ML @ Ultraviolet

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Start automating video creation now.

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