Create 1000s unique videos on autopilot.

Plainly is a video automation software that enables you to connect a video template of your choice and any data source (database, spreadsheet, API…) to automate video creation.

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Create custom video automation workflows that achieve your business goals with the Plainly API.

Integrate video creation into your tool, and allow your users to generate videos, or create personalized video campaigns on a huge scale using Plainly video creation API.

Clear & thorough documentation

Unlimited scalability (1000+ videos/day)

Customer support that won't leave you hanging


Get back the hours you spend on creating video variations.

Creating various video variations by hand is a lot of manual work. Automate this with Plainly, and make it as easy as filling out a spreadsheet.
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Compatible with After Effects

Broadcast quality - rendered on the cloud

Swap text, images, videos, audio and colors

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Build video automation workflows even if you're not a developer.​

Plainly is compatible with tools like Zapier and Integromat. Link your favorite tools with Plainly and build automated video workflows that will get you customers.

Template library

No coding knowledge required

Tutorials and examples available

Automatically create personalized sales demos

Create a video for every new Asana project

Create a video for every new Asana task

Create a promo video for every new YouTube video

Create videos for new Notion items

Create a weather forecast video

Create videos from a Bubble app

Create video for every new Facebook ad lead

Create videos from Discord messages

Send videos to Discord

Create videos from Tweets

Create a video for a new Calendy event

Want full success stories?

Alex Kovacevic
Alex KovacevicFounder, Creative Tree
Read More
The Plainly team did a great job supporting our event in our crunch time! Their clear documentation was easy to follow and the UI was easy to implement into our workflow.

The original idea was to use a service to generate static images with our parameters, however, after talking with Plainly, the only logical thing to do is make a set of short videos. Our minimal effort paid off tenfold.
Ruza Ilic
Ruza IlicSocial Media Manager, FC Vozdovac
Read More
Vozdovac Football Club has been using Plainly for a couple of seasons and has been a game changer for us!

As of today, we have been unique in the way of presenting instant results and important facts during the game, thanks to the Plainly software to our community. The software is super user-friendly and allows us to work in the moment and a specific environment, such as on the football pitch, over the phone, or while we are doing additional content simultaneously.

To have the fans follow your content during the game or to get essential information afterward, you need to bring something fast and obvious while communicating, and that’s where Plainly stepped up for us.
Farid Movsumov
Farid MovsumovFounder,
Read More
When I had this idea to automate reward animation videos I started researching on the internet how can I achieve this goal and all possible solutions were super technical and non-sustainable, I just started imagining some platform that will handle video rendering as a service and then I was lucky to find Plainly which is designed exactly in a way I was wishing for.

I am super happy I was able to discover this service and make my users happy and excited. Also, the Plainly team is super helpful and agile they take action very quickly. Thank you for the great service.
Undisclosed Client
Undisclosed ClientCEO of a music industry company
Read More
Plainly lets my team automate 80% of video creation for social media. We just select content and music and Plainly does the rest. It saves my team hours of work.
Filip Rastovic
Filip RastovicTechnical Artist, Eterlast
Read More
We've used Plainly to automate the production of our NFT collection. The process was simple and what we ended up with seemed like magic. We'll use Plainly for our upcoming collections as well.

Not sure if you truly need video automation software?

Read more about creating personalized videos automatically to make an educated decision.

FAQs about video automation software​​

What is video automation software?

Video automation software allows you to automatically create many different versions of the same video. Once you create a video template, you can use any data source (database, spreadsheet, API) to automate video creation and swap elements such as text, images, videos, audio, and colors.

What can you use video automation software for?

Video automation software can be used for creating personalized videos at scale or simply creating video variations in bulk. The tool makes it simple to create dynamic layers and quickly create video versions.

Is an automated video editing tool the same as a video automation tool?

An automated video editing tool is not quite the same as a video automation tool, although some people use these terms interchangeably. Check out our resource on automated video editing to learn more.

How can video automation software help me create personalized video marketing campaigns?

Video automation software can automatically draw user data you previously collected, and then insert it into pre-created templates. This is how you can create personalized videos that are customized for each individual viewer. For more information, you can check out our resource on personalized video marketing.

Start automating video production today.

Plainly video automation software will help you create 1000s of videos in less time than it would take your team to create 10.

30 day free trial (no CC required)

15 min no strings attached