Not sure what Plainly can do for you? Get inspired with these examples.

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Social media video listing best sellers for this week.

Short slideshow videos showing all new cars that arrived at the dealership.

Short personalized car offer that clients receive after they submit an inquiry.

Short personalized video congratulating the user on the new purchase, while giving all relevant info.

Personalized video inviting a user to an event.

Photo studio creating personalized graduation slideshows for every student.

Snappy social media video showing best selling videos for the month.

Youtube channel promoting new uploads to social media.

Travel agency promoting new travel arangements.

Tech company promoting the new hires they made in the past month.

eCom shop promoting new releases to social media.

eCom shop promoting products that just arrived on social media.

eCom business promoting new products on Instagram and Facebook.

eCom shop promoting new products on social media.

Personalized video that we sent to each lead after the discovery call.

Realtor showing off a new property.

Realtor creating promo videos for every new property.

Real estate agent creating social media videos for new properties.

Company creating release notes in a video form for every new release.

Lead gen agency creating personalized videos for cold emails.

School photo studio creating personalized videos for their customers.

Photo studio creating personalized graduation videos for each student.

Photo studio creating personalized highlight reels for students.

eCom shop creating social media videos for special/discounted products on a daily basis.

Content creator repurposing Tweets into videos for other social media.

Web3 company creates large batches of high quality NFTs.

Music label creating batches of TikTok ads for Spotify playlists.

A football club creating videos on-the-fly as goals or similar events happen in a match.

A media company was creating dozens of these stats videos during the FIFA WC22 fully automatically.

A creator platform enabled their users (creators) to create personalized event invitations and send them to their users.

A creator platform allowed their users (creators) to create personalized club keys (private communities) in a form of personalized video.

Start automating video creation now.

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