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Watch the full video below.

Are you tired of constantly updating your digital signage content for your quick service restaurant? We've all been there – spending endless hours creating, scheduling, and publishing content across multiple screens and locations. But what if we told you there's a better way?

In this video, we delved into the world of automated digital signage content using Plainly and Signagelive, and let us tell you, the possibilities are endless.

Gone are the days of manual content creation using tools like Canva or PowerPoint. With Plainly and Signage Live, we've streamlined the entire process, allowing for almost complete automation and removing the human touch from the equation.

So, how does it work?

The Setup

First, we created a template in After Effects, incorporating all our dynamic parameters such as images, headline text, prices, discounts, and more. This template serves as the foundation for our automated content creation.

Next, we set up an integration with Google Sheets, allowing Plainly to pull data directly from our spreadsheet. This means no more manual inputting of data – simply update the spreadsheet, and PL does the rest.

But we didn't stop there. We also integrated with Signagelive, ensuring that our rendered videos are automatically sent to our digital signage displays. This seamless integration means that content updates are instant and hassle-free.

The best part? We can create multiple templates for different types of content, branches, countries, and languages. Whether you're promoting daily offers, showcasing menu boards, or running promotions across different locations, Plainly and Signagelive have got you covered.

But enough talk – let's see it in action.

In our test run, we copied data from our Google Sheet, waited for our videos to be rendered, and voila – broadcast-quality videos ready to be displayed on our digital signage screens. Suddenly, that craving for pizza is real – and that's the power of automated digital signage.

If you're in the business of digital signage content, we hope this video has shed some light on the possibilities that Plainly and Signagelive offer. We're certainly excited to continue exploring the potential of this innovative technology.

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