Drive user action through amazing personalized videos

Create high quality templates in After Effects, connect them to user data using Plainly and automatically generate personalized videos for each user.

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The key benefits

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Multiple ways to work

Native integrations, CSVs, or API. There are multiple ways you can connect user data that will personalize the videos.

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More than text

You’re not limited to only dynamic text, you can personalize images, audio, video, scenes, and even colors!

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High quality templates

Templates for Plainly are built in After Effects. That enables our users to create advanced templates that will surely stand out.

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Built in the EU and GDPR compliant, we make sure that your data is safe.

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Unlimited scalability

Our robust rendering infrastructure is built to sustain high loads and high volumes. You will be able to render any amount of videos without hiccups.

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White glove service

Need help? Our team has executed numerous personalized video campaigns, and we can help you get set up ASAP.

Personalized videos in 3 easy steps

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Step 1

Template creation

Work with our team, or create templates on your own. No limitations, you control every aspect of the video.

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Step 2

Plainly set up

Upload your template to the Plainly Web App and select which elements of the video you want to personalize.

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Step 3

Video rendering

Send user data to Plainly through integrations, CSV, or API to initiate video rendering. Automatically distribute videos to cloud storage or other tools afterward.

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Plainly has been an incredible partner in helping us develop new business models in the field of video. With the help of their incredible team, we were able to seamlessly integrate Plainly’s technology within our own technological framework, thus opening up entirely new possibilities in our video production. Plainly is quickly shaping the future of video and we are looking forward to continuing to work with them!

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Mark Luxenhofer

Team Lead AI Video @ BurdaForward

We've used Plainly to automate the production of a large NFT collection. It holds a crucial part within our automation pipeline where it takes our large database, puts it through our After Effects template and magically exports mp4s. We literally had team members saying "It's like magic". Plainly team was amazing helping us bring everything to production, it's obvious that customer satisfaction is super important to them. To anyone who wants to automate video production, we recommend Plainly over any other alternative on the market!

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Filip Rastovic

Lead Technical Artist, Eterlast

We’re using Plainly to allow our users to create club keys and event invites. We decided on Plainly because we can quickly import an After Effects project, and the integration with their API was easy. It would take us ages to build a video creating feature in UltraViolet, so integrating with Plainly was a no-brainer and it paid off so far.

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Aabid Shamji

Leading AI/ML, Ultraviolet

Start creating personalized videos today, and make each user feel special!

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Personalized videos FAQ

Why use personalized videos?

Personalized videos provide a more tailored and intimate experience for customers, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction. By addressing customers directly, offering relevant content, and demonstrating understanding, personalized videos can drive higher conversion rates, enhance brand perception, and provide valuable data insights.

What is the app that sends personalized videos?

Depending on your use case you should probably use a different tool. The market leaders are Plainly, Idomoo, SundaySky, MotionBox, Pirsonal. Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses. Idomoo and SundaySky are for large enterprises, MotionBox is focused on analytics, while Plainly is focused on ease of use.

What is a personalized video?

A personalized video is video content that is customized and tailored to an individual viewer. It incorporates personalized elements such as the viewer's name, specific preferences, or past interactions to create a more personalized and targeted experience. These videos are often used in marketing and customer engagement strategies to enhance customer relationships and increase engagement.

What is personalized video marketing?

Personalized video marketing is the use of customized videos to deliver targeted content to individual viewers, aiming to create a more engaging and personalized experience for higher levels of engagement and conversions.

Is Plainly an Idoomo and SundaySky alternative?

Yes, it is. Plainly is a personalized video solution with an API-first approach focused on ease of use.