Dynamic Video Ads - Get the most out of your PPC bucks

Just a few days ago, there was a big turnaround when the Netflix giant announced that it would, despite all the previous opposite claims, open the possibility of advertising on that platform.

However, the long-standing rejection of advertisements has now turned into a compromise. And why? Quite simply, because the market and the competition are evolving and the giant has to keep up with trends and progress if it still wants to keep number one in the world of streaming.

I'd say that this is a pretty good indicator of how important ads are for marketing today.

Suppose your first reaction to an ad that pops up is an x ​​or exit click. Therefore, you would probably be afraid to use ads as a marketing tool yourself. However, they can be very effective if you know how to personalize them.

This is often the mistake of many - ads are not created for a specific target group. You will be wasting a lot of time and money if you were to show non-targeted ads to a general group of people.

You can solve this by using dynamic video ads, which will be hyper personalized to your target group. These dynamic video ads are the bread and butter of any direct response marketing campaign. Why?

Simply because they are shown to the right person, at the right time, and with an offer that they actually want to see.

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What are dynamic video ads?

First, let's explain what a dynamic video ad is. A dynamic video ad is practically an advertisement that you hyper-personalize to the end-user, ie according to the characteristics of your target group. Dynamic video ads are personalized messages which encourage the end-user to a certain type of action, which is in line with the needs of your campaign.

The great thing is that dynamic video ads, using several platforms to create dynamic videos, allow you to change certain segments of the video - headings, product photos, offers, call to actions... depending on the persona you're targeting.

Examples of dynamic video ads are everywhere and you see them every day. You can do an experiment yourself to try and see dynamic video ads in action. Just go on Facebook and search for Coca Cola for example. Then turn on a VPN (which will make it look like you are located in another place) and look at Coca Cola Facebook ads then. You’ll notice that they are changed. That’s because Coca Cola is using hyper personalization to make the ads relevant.

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One of the obstacles you may be facing is thinking that this can not be applied to your business. I mean, you are probably not Coca-Cola, right? Well, you are mistaken…this can be applied to any business. If you are targeting multiple markets and target personas - you definitely SHOULD be doing this.

Dynamic video ads are definitely a powerful tool, but before you execute them you have to make a few decisions:

  1. What’s the thing you need to change to adapt the offer to different target markets
  2. How many variations are you going to try

Creating a dynamic video ad is up to you, and there are countless options to play with, so pretty much anyone can create a campaign like this. Especially if you are already doing social media marketing. Then it’s just a matter of scaling up the existing creatives.

Don't forget the important thing, and that is that responsible and effective marketing today cannot be imagined without video, so you should definitely be thinking about utilizing video. It’s simply much more effective than text or static ads.

What are their benefits?

The fact is that with the huge amount of information that bombards us every day from all sides, especially on the Internet, the least you want to see are ads.

So why are dynamic video ads effective. If people don't want to see ads, what makes these different?

So let's go back to the beginning of this part of the story of the benefits, because of the huge amount of information, most people will react to the personalized content that is intended for them. People do not want to see ads because they do not feel that the other side is adequately addressing them, they do not feel it is a message that interests them, that will interest them.

Therefore, with the help of dynamic video ads, you can give the end-user the experience he wants, and personalize the message so that the end-user feels that the message is just for him and so that the user takes the actions you wanted.

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So the benefit lies in actually developing better, meaningful, and concrete communication with your customers, giving them a better experience, then gaining greater visibility where needed and finally, experience shows that all this is felt in the success of the business - increase of sales.

Most importantly, you don’t have to have a big team that will be creating these dynamic video ads. They are usually working on a set-and-forget basis. Once the template is created, all of the ad variations are created automatically. From my point of view, this is practically free money.

How to execute them

Now that we've explained what a dynamic video ad is and why it should be an integral part of your marketing, let's explain how it works. So, what we repeat is that you don't need much time to create a dynamic video ad. Actually, you don’t need any time apart from the template creation. Everything is done automatically.

Take a look at the two questions above. Figure out those answers and see what parts of the video will be dynamic, ie for example - photos of products or services you place, text or say the dates of some discounts you have, locations, footage ...

how dynamic ads work

Once you have a template set up that is well-designed for your campaign, changing the dynamic elements is dynamic, and the effect will be greater than any other ad that’s not hyper personalized.

When creating a strategy it is very important to determine what you want for example: Do we want to present our values, ideas, visions and interest people in our brand, or do we want CTA or to move people to concrete actions that can be - more traffic on your site, social networks, subscribe to our newsletter, be part of our survey, team, buy a product... 

Tools for execution

Today, there are numerous platforms and creators of dynamic videos, which are pretty easy to use. These platforms usually don't require a lot of money, and offer you several options. From fully automated solutions, to some of them that offer just the parts of this workflow.

You can go beyond simply changing headings, product photos, or call to action. With the help of various tools, you can change and adjust dynamic segments according to certain characteristics - for example, changing the message depending on the time of day (morning, noon, evening), then the location (country, city), outdoor temperature and weather and others segments depending on your needs and videos.

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Plainly is one of the tools that allow you to create videos by combining video templates and any data source. For example, everything we talked about above can be executed in Plainly. You can set up a single template, and render out thousands of variations. These variations can be simple (text change, or product picture change), or they can be a part of an elaborate workflow that will automatically change parts of the video depending on the location, time of the day…etc.

Although ads are not the most popular with consumers, they will not disappear from the world of marketing. Brands are spending more and more on paid advertising but the majority of them are throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something will stick.

You can easily differentiate yourself by hyper personalizing your marketing efforts and delivering the right message at the right time to the right person. Using dynamic video ads is the most effective way to do this.

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