Transforming your audio-only podcast into stunning audio waveform videos

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So, you've got an awesome podcast. The content is great, the conversations are engaging, and your audience is growing. But there's one thing missing: a presence on YouTube. You know the platform's potential, but you've hesitated because, well, your podcast is audio-only. Who wants to watch a static image for an hour?

But fear not, fellow podcasters! We've got the solution to turn your audio goldmine into captivating videos that will not only engage your audience but also attract new listeners.

Enter YouTube's push into the podcasting world. With its focus on video, it's time to up your game. And we're here to guide you through the process step by step.

The Setup

First things first, we're diving into After Effects. Create your own high quality template in After Effects. Go wild, there are no limitations whatsoever. In our video, we create a sample that has: audio waveforms, sleek visuals, and multiple versions for all your social media needs. We're talking square, story, you name it.

But wait, how do we turn this template into our own audio waveform videos? It's simpler than you think. We upload it to Plainly. Once we've uploaded our template, we connect the dots. We link our dynamic parameters, and voila! Our template is now ready to roll.

Now comes the fun part: rendering. We hit that magical button, and our video starts to come to life. But here's the best part: we don't have to lift a finger. With Plainly's integration with Google Sheets, our videos are automatically pushed out as soon as you add new data into the Google Sheet. This enables fully automated workflow, with 0 human intervention.

And the result? Well, it speaks for itself. Gone are the days of boring cover images. Say hello to visually stunning videos that demand attention. Engaging quotes, sleek animations – this is the kind of content that gets noticed.

But we're not done yet. Remember those square and story versions? Yep, we've got those too. The same Google Sheet will drive rendering for those varations - because let's face it, your podcast deserves to shine on every platform.

So there you have it, folks. With After Effects and Plainly by your side, there's no limit to what you can achieve. Be sure to check out Plainly with a 14-day free trial, there's no reason not to give it a shot.

Until next time, happy podcasting – and happy video making!

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