Top 5 AI Tools for Creatives…that are NOT ChatGPT

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ChatGPT is great, but it's not really suitable for creatives. In this article, we review the top 5 useful tools that you can use day to day as a creative. As an overview, they are Eleven Labs, Topaz Labs, Photoshop, Runway, and Premiere Pro.
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AI will take our jobs. That’s something we might say if we didn’t understand the creative industry. Love it or hate it, AI is here to stay. The real question is: will we ignore its presence completely, or will we be smart about it, hop on that train, and use AI to boost our efficiency, productivity, and eliminate unnecessary and boring tasks? Since everyone knows about ChatGPT, welcome to our top five AI tools for creatives that aren't ChatGPT.

Let's clear something up from the start: as of March 2023, there are 14,700 registered startups in the US alone, meaning there are probably hundreds of thousands of different AI tools worldwide. There’s a tool that generates Stranger Things posters from your image, an AI social media network called Chirper (like Facebook but with AI bots), and even CatGPT, which just sends you random cat GIFs and writes “meow.” But we're here to talk about AI tools for creatives that are actually useful. Trust us, the last one will blow your mind.

1. Eleven Labs

If you're trying to generate AI voice clones, mimic your voice, or dub your audio in different languages, Eleven Labs is your go-to tool. Eleven Labs boasts a lot of pre-made voices in their voice library that sound almost terrifyingly realistic. On top of standard text-to-speech, speech-to-speech, and voice cloning features, Eleven Labs recently added a sound effects generator for creating sound effects from text. Imagine the possibilities: narrating your videos, creating audiobooks, or even making custom ringtones—all with a few clicks.

2. Topaz Labs

Remember those scenes in CSI where they zoom in like 100 times and recognize a suspect in the reflection of a marble? With Topaz Labs, that’s almost possible. Jokes aside, if you need clearer images or high-resolution video footage, Topaz Photo and Video AI will do the job. Even if you need color grading, noise reduction, object removal from your images, or even slowing down your videos up to 16 times, Topaz Labs has you covered. This AI tool is a true gem for any creative looking to enhance their visual content.

3. Adobe Photoshop

Call us old school, but Photoshop is still way better and quicker than any online image editor, background remover, or similar tool—especially with its new AI features like Generative Fill and Neural Filters. Need to expand your image? Bam. Need to remove the background? Done. Select your subject? Done. Not to mention the Neural Filters, which are insane. Whether you need to add colors to black-and-white images, match image style with the background, or simply add depth of field to your images, Photoshop has you covered. And now, with content-aware image tracing, you can turn your PNGs into vectors inside Photoshop without having to open Illustrator.

4. Runway

Runway is basically an all-in-one AI tool. Besides standard features like text-to-image, image-to-image generation, image upscaling, and super slow motion, Runway has its own aces. With Runway, you can generate videos from images or stylize existing video footage. You can generate 3D textures with prompts or create 3D models from videos. And probably our two favorite features: subtle animation frame interpolation and motion brush. These features allow for seamless animations and intricate motion effects that bring your projects to life.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro

Yes, you heard us right. With the latest updates, Premiere Pro has everything you need for audio and video editing. From filler word and pause removal, text-based editing, and automatic scene detection to transcription and automatic captions, Premiere Pro has you covered. It will rough cut your video, separate scenes, create nice morph cuts, and add captions. But that’s not all. Adobe added a lot of cool features for audio and voice editing, meaning we don’t have to go into Audition to enhance voice, reduce noise, or remix songs—we can do that directly in Premiere Pro now. Probably the best part is audio ducking, which ensures dialogue and background audio are in perfect harmony. Upcoming AI features like generative extend, which allows you to create super slow motion from standard FPS footage, object removal, and object addition (essentially Generative Fill inside of Premiere Pro), make this tool a huge thumbs-up for Adobe. For those of us who like to keep our workflow as simple as possible, having everything we need for video and audio editing in one product is a game-changer.

These are five actually useful AI tools for creatives. Thank you for joining us. If you missed something or if there’s any other AI tool you would add to your must-have list, let us know in the comments. Keep creating!

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