Video Marketing Statistics (2024 Fresh Data)

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Video Marketing Statistics 2023


We conducted a survey with 300+ respondents to bring you fresh insights about the way people consume video content and how marketers use video, personalization and automation.

We separated the groups of marketing professionals and online consumers and consolidated our data to help you understand the power of personalized and automated videos.

Many of the questions included in the survey were based on multiple selections which gave us a broader context of online consumer habits, video marketing trends, and the usage of marketing personalization & automation.

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🛒  Videos still impacts buyer decisions

Around 51% of consumers rely on product videos to make an educated purchase decision.

statistics about product video

Video reviews are an important part of the research with almost 47% of respondents relying on them before making a purchase.

video reviews stats

Almost 91% of the respondents said that video made them buy a certain product or service in the past.

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📈 Video search is on the rise

After Google (87%), YouTube is the second most used channel for researching products (63%) and TikTok is the third (25%).

how are you searching for more info about a product

💡 Video marketing is becoming the norm

More than 82% of marketing professionals use video in their marketing mix.

video marketing

🎯  Marketing personalization is not a matter of why but how

Personalized marketing improves the customer experience according to 80% of the consumers.

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  • 82% of marketers rely on some type of marketing personalization.
  • 80% of marketers personalize social media ads
  • 52% of those marketers personalize email marketing

More than 90% of marketers have noticed a higher ROI thanks to personalization.

marketing personalization returns

Around 41% of marketers said the main thing that’s stopping them from investing in personalization is the lack of budget.

reasons for not doing personalized marketing stats

Almost 64% of marketers plan to start investing in personalization in the next 6 months. The majority of them (~64%) will start by personalizing email marketing.

statistics about starting personalized marketing

⚡ Around 86% of marketers are aware that videos can be personalized, while 78% that you could automate video.

📱 Social media is the main platform for marketing videos

Almost 46% of marketers are planning to create more social media videos in the future.

types of video being created

Automating social media marketing is standard practice for 72% of respondents.

video automation stats

🧲 Videos are valuable for product marketing

  • More than 30% of marketers use videos for product demos.
  • More than 20% of marketers create videos for the knowledge base.​
  • Almost 29% of marketers use videos for product announcements.

Videos are also used for training employees and/or onboarding them (~40%), and for internal presentations (13%).

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👑 Investing in video pays off

More than 45% of marketers said they are satisfied with the ROI of video, 20% reported they are very satisfied, and 6% extremely satisfied.

statistics about returns from video

Almost 87% of marketing professionals plan to invest more in video in the future.

plans to invest more in video

💲 More than 27% of marketers invest around a third of their marketing budget into video.

why arent people creating video

For around 33% of marketing professionals, a low marketing budget is the main reason why they don’t invest more in video creation.

The second reason (for 29% of marketers) is the complexity of creating videos.

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