This Creative Agency Created 1,000+ Personalized Videos In A Week

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A creative marketing agency from Germany called was facing a big challenge — how on Earth would they render over a thousand different videos for their client’s e-mail campaign when it was due in a week?

Luckily, the solution they’d been looking for was right around the corner!

The Client

For this project, our client was a creative marketing agency from Germany called, working for the German branch of a UK-based energy supplier, called Octopus Energy.

The Project

Octopus Energy organized a competition they called Winter Workout. The competition challenged the citizens of Germany to save gas during winter.

octopus energy screenshot

This was a huge competition which offered a ton of prizes. After the competition ended, Octopus Energy wanted to finish it off in style. 

Their idea was to create a personalized video for each participant, as a “thank you” for participating in the competition, while also highlighting personal stats from the challenge.

The Challenges Jungle.Guide Faced

For this video campaign, each contestant needed to be sent a different video, with their own name and personalized stats, which described what the contestant personally accomplished while participating.

The stats included how many kWh of gas the person saved during the competition, how many kgs of CO2 they saved, as well as the number of trees needed for an entire year, to absorb the CO2 amount that the contestant saved themselves.

An interesting little thank you — but a lot of work considering that the competition had thousands of contestants, and each had different stats. 

Jungle.Guide was on a super tight deadline. The whole project was supposed to be done in a week, while the competition was still relevant. Doing a project like this manually simply wasn’t an option.

Because of the tight deadline, Jungle.Guide needed an intuitive, self-serve platform, that was scalable and worked natively with Adobe After Effects.

after effects template for the video

Luckily, Jungle.Guide had all of the data ready, as well as the AE template. They just needed the right technology partner to help them move fast and enable them to export thousands of videos in time.

The Solution

Plainly was the perfect tool for the job. In this case, Jungle did the whole project self-serve, and we were there just as support. Jungle created an amazing After Effects template and then used Google Sheets to execute the whole workflow themselves. 

Here’s exactly how they did it:

The Implementation

The implementation for the project was very quick and straightforward:

  1. The team from Jungle created an amazing After Effects template to be the base.
  2. They did the setup in Plainly (they uploaded the After Effects template and chose the dynamic elements)
  3. Jungle compiled all of the data into a CSV, added the CSV into Plainly, clicked render — and that was it!

Plainly received the data and rendered thousands of personalized videos for Winter Workout contestants.

After that, the video links were sent back to the original Google Sheet so that Jungle could import the videos into their email-sending service and send emails on a schedule.

The Results

With Plainly’s help, Jungle was able to create thousands of videos, ready to be sent to thousands of different e-mail addresses, and ready to be shared on social media.

Here’s how it turned out:

And here's another contestant's personalized video (pay attention to the dynamic elements):

We’re very satisfied with the results, and both Jungle and Octopus Energy’s German branch were amazed by how quickly and efficiently the whole project was completed.

If you’re looking to create a similar campaign yourself, feel free to book a 30-minute demo with Plainly and we’ll give you a tour!

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