Automated data driven crypto report videos - Full workflow breakdown

Ever thought about effortlessly making cryptocurrency stats videos every day or even every hour? The crypto market never sleeps, and if you run a marketplace or crypto exchange, keeping users updated is a big deal. Imagine manually editing, rendering, and publishing a new video every hour – talk about a headache! But guess what? With Plainly and a bit of After Effects magic, you can automate the whole shebang. Let's check out two ways to do it: using Google Sheets or diving into the world of APIs.

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The Setup:

To embark on this creative adventure, all you need is After Effects and Plainly. The first step involves creating a template in After Effects, capturing essential details like the date and time, coin name, logo, price, 1-hour change, 24-hour change, and 7-day change. This simple template serves as the foundation for our automated cryptocurrency market report videos. You can of course tailor your template to yourself, this above is just an example!

Option 1: Integration with Google Sheets

In the first approach, we explore integrating Plainly with Google Sheets. While this option requires a manual push of crypto data into Google Sheets, it doesn’t require any tech knowledge. By connecting columns in the spreadsheet with parameters in our template, we enable Plainly to pull data and render videos seamlessly.

Option 2: Fully Automated API Solution

For those seeking a more automated approach, Plainly offers a powerful API solution. You can connect a crypto or a finance API which will provide data on demand, and then send that data to Plainly for automated rendering. This API workflow eliminates the need for Google Sheets and it’s a fully automated workflow.

Automating the Process:

With the template and integration in place, our crypto market report videos can be scheduled to render automatically at specified intervals. For instance, setting a trigger every hour ensures that a new video with updated data is generated effortlessly. This is of course if you’re using API, in the case of Google Sheets, the videos will be rendered every time you push data into Plainly.

Uploading to Google Drive:

To complete the automation cycle, Plainly allows users to set up integrations for video distribution. Whether it's Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, or other platforms, you can choose where your videos are uploaded. This eliminates the manual task of downloading videos one by one, ensuring they reach their destination without intervention.

In conclusion, the automated process of creating cryptocurrency statistics videos with Plainly is a game-changer for anyone looking to keep their users informed in a dynamic market. Once the initial setup is complete, the system operates seamlessly, providing up-to-date videos without the hassle of manual intervention. Visit our website at to explore a 14-day free trial and dive into the world of automated video creation. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more insights. See you in the next video!

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