I analyzed the top 3 AI copywriting software so you don’t have to

There’s been a lot of controversy in the marketing industry revolving around the future of copywriting and other creative disciplines. Most of us were convinced that it’s impossible to replace human creativity with tech. Then about a month ago, an AI-generated artwork won the Colorado State Fair’s fine arts competition. How wrong we were, eh?

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TL;DR: AI copywriting software cannot fully replace humans, but it can help you work faster by taking care of the heavy lifting. I’ve analyzed three AI copywriting software (Xanevo, Hypotenuse, Rytr) to help you choose the one that responds to your business needs the best.

This resurfaced debates about artificial intelligence completely taking over some of the writing professions. Questions of ethics were also raised. Personally, I think it’s awesome that we’re developing AI in such a sophisticated and mind-blowing way. If you’ve been reading Plainly’s blog, you know how enthusiastic I am about automation.

ai generated artwork that won the competition
The image that won Colorado State Fair. Credits Chieftain.

My two cents are that we can use AI tools to work smarter. It’s not about AI replacing humans - it’s about using AI for all the heavy lifting, and then handling the final touches ourselves. When you’re a one-person marketing team or a founder juggling so many things, you want all the help you can get, right?

With that being said, I’ve looked into three different AI copywriting software and evaluated them so that you can make an informed decision about the best one for you.

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1. Xanevo: AI copywriting software for ecommerce businesses

Xanevo is an AI copywriting software designed specifically for ecommerce businesses. The software is managed by professional editors and their NLG program is really good. I believe this is their main differentiating factor, so listen up.

The tool works based on the input, so 10% of the effort comes from humans and 90% of the work is handled by the software. Xanevo’s professional writers provide this mandatory input for every single client.

Led by the mission to “free people from boring and repetitive writing tasks”, the company has really done a great job of niching down to a single industry and its particular pain points.

With this AI copywriting software, you can easily create automated product and category descriptions, and gain a competitive advantage by launching products online faster. Additionally, descriptions can be optimized with relevant keywords which can boost your visibility in search engines. Speed is great if it doesn’t jeopardize quality, and with Xanevo - I can say you’re in pretty good hands.

You get the best of both worlds: real humans that work with you to ensure the input is right (think tone of voice, keywords, grammar), and then in 1-4 weeks, everything’s set and you can enjoy the magic of automation. This time period is necessary for Xanevo’s team to program contextual rules and narrative so that the output is SEO-friendly and on-brand.

Pricing: There are no monthly plans available, but you need to send an inquiry to the Xaenvo team. I think this makes sense because it’s not just AI copywriting software you’re getting, but also people who will be setting up your account and taking care of the input.


  • AI copywriting software with human editors included in the service
  • Content gets automatically imported to your PIM or CMS via API
  • Save up to 60% of copywriting costs and ship products 91% faster
  • Compatible with Shopify and other self-hosted online stores through API


  • It’s an AI copywriting software tailored for ecommerce brands, so maybe not the optimal solution if you operate outside of this industry
Have you heard about Jasper? It’s another great AI copywriting software I wrote about recently: check out our blog about content automation tools to learn more.

2. Hypotenuse AI: AI copywriting software with neat additional features

When I first stumbled upon Hypotenuse AI, I struggled with figuring out what would be the right category for this software. Technically, it is AI copywriting software, but the platform is robust and offers more than that. Backed by Y Combinator, Hypotenuse AI also stepped into image generation and content research with the help of an AI assistant (they call it Content Detective). Very exciting!

Their core product is AI content writing and copywriting, but their technology is what helps them stand out from the competition. The output quality is high because they rely on a custom combination of AI and machine-learning techniques to produce content.

hyptenuse copy generation

The Content Detective I mentioned above is basically a fact-checking tool that Hypotenuse AI relies on to provide you with accurate information and even citations. There are also built-in copywriting tools and a plagiarism checker, which I find very useful. It’s sort of like your AI copywriting toolbox that covers several different fields within a single platform. I also love that you can export your content in Docx and CSV, which is useful if you’re working on blog articles or product descriptions.

The image generator is also solid, but it takes some time to get the hang of it, especially if you want visual consistency. You need to perfect your input if you want to achieve a certain style. In any case, it can become quite useful for generating in-article images and blog post covers in less than a minute. Saves time and money, too.

Pricing: Pricing for Hypotenuse AI goes from $24 per month to $90 per month. Pricing varies depending on the number of words generated per month. A free trial is available. There is also a custom plan you can inquire about.


  • Has bulk content generation which saves a ton of time
  • Great for SEO, ads, social media posts, and content summaries
  • Allows you to create images and ensure your content is factually correct 
  • Great output quality


  • It may be a bit too robust if all you need is an AI copywriting tool
Did you know you can not only automate copywriting and image creation, but videos as well? Check out my list of the best automatic video editors.

3. Rytr: AI copywriting software for 40+ use cases

In contrast to Xanevo which really niched down to ecommerce to dominate the space, Rytr is an AI copywriting software that can help you automate everything from blog outlines, articles, and email copies to writing social media posts, ads, and more.

What I liked about Rytr is the multilingual support. You can choose the language you want to create content in and there are 30+ languages to choose from. From there, you have a simple three-step process: you select the tone (e.g. convincing, humble, joyful, candid), choose the use case (e.g. business pitch, cover letter, job description), and finally provide input in the form of keywords, phrases, or titles.

The software is pretty good, but I have to say it’s really important that you provide detailed input. I also loved the brand name generator. Sure, you can find these online, but I feel like Rytr gives you better ideas than most free solutions online.

rytr ai copywriting

It’s great that you can create an account for free (no credit card required) and see the value of this AI copywriting software for yourself. In my opinion, it’s solid, but you cannot rely on it fully. I found it useful for moments when I just can’t get into the groove of starting an email or a blog post. Then I just let Rytr help me get started, which is often the most dreading part of writing. Editing is far easier.

Pricing: Rytr has three different monthly plans that go from $0 per month to $29 per month. Plans vary depending on the number of characters you can generate per month, as well as the level of customer support you get. For example, with the Pro plan, you get a dedicated account manager.


  • Affordable (even the Pro plan is cheap)
  • User-friendly and fast
  • 20+ tones of voice you can choose from
  • Advance AI that can also deploy copywriting formulas


  • It’s not magic, you need to do post-editing 

Learn how Plainly complements your AI copywriting software

As you most certainly noticed by now, I am very passionate about AI and the possibilities automation brings to us. In my free time, I like to experiment with different workflows and I always try to find new ways to leverage tech and do things faster and smarter.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with using Plainly in conjunction with AI copywriting software and other AI tools, and the results were just amazing.

Check out the full breakdown on my LinkedIn here.

Imagine this: you use AI copywriting software to generate product descriptions in bulk, but then you take everything a step further and implement those product descriptions into product videos. You could be creating 1000s of product videos automatically. Two tools would be enough to cover something that a big team would commit months of work.

The possibilities are endless. All of the software is quite affordable and the value you get is great. My goal here is to explain to you the value of gradually building your AI toolbox. If you’re doing video marketing, then it’s good to know that Plainly can act as a glue that binds all of these amazing AI tools. If you have 15 minutes, I can explain how this works: book a demo today.

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