How, an NFT football card manager, created excitement around their NFT card pack openings with Plainly

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The Challenge

Tactic approached Plainly because they wanted to add excitement to the Sorare card pack opening process. The one native to Sorare lacks the excitement of the fact that you can potentially get a unique card that you can sell for a boatload of real money. 

Here’s how a card opening looks in Sorare:

Their Goals

Tactic wanted to implement a super exciting pack opening animation into their web app. The animation was supposed to build hype around every card reveal, instead of simply fading in the cards. Since it’s connected to the Sorare accounts of their users, Tactic app can access their pack data which is required to create the opening animation. 

The goal for Tactic was to spread awareness about their app & get new users. They were counting on the virality of the award animation...and it was a good assumption. It’s really hard not to share the video on social media especially if you got a really good card. Just look at all of the videos around Fifa MyTeam pack openings. There are Youtube channels that focus solely on card pack openings.

The Solution

The first step Tactic took in the creation of this workflow was to create the video template. They created a super exciting 20 second video that built up to the final moment which was the card reveal. The video template utilized player data such as:

  1. Nationality
  2. Position
  3. Club
  4. Rarity
  5. Number

and of course, the card itself. 

The video has a background hype track which makes the whole experience even more engaging and exciting. Here’s how the video looks:

After they created the video template, the second step was to create the integration which would allow Tactic users to create these videos. Their solution was to connect Plainly video creation API to their web app, and have Tactic fire away an API call whenever their user submitted a request for the opening animation. 

Tactic app would read the card data and it would send that data to Plainly API for the personalized card opening video to be created. As soon as Plainly rendered the video, it would send it back to Tactic and they would display the video to the user.

The team behind Tactic created this workflow quickly, and after a few tests, the feature was ready to go.

The Result

The buzz on Twitter was real. Even though it’s a niche community, the awareness for Tactic started spreading rapidly in the Sorare circles. More and more users are coming in, and they are looking forward to the card opening moment even more now. 

Tactic was counting on the fact that people will share their opening animations - and they were right. People were super excited to share the cards they god. The animation itself ended up being a lot more exciting than the native Sorare one.

We were super excited to watch the journey of Tactic, and to be a part of it. If you are into NFT fantasy football, make sure to check out their website and give them some love!

When I had this idea to automate reward animation videos I started researching on the internet how can I achieve this goal and all possible solutions were super technical and non-sustainable, I just started imagining some platform that will handle video rendering as a service and then I was lucky to find Plainly which is designed exactly in a way I was wishing for.  I am super happy I was able to discover this service and make my users happy and excited. Also, the Plainly team is super helpful and agile they take action very quickly. Thank you for the great service.

Farid Movsumov - Founder

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