FC Vozdovac transformed their social media during games with dynamic video content created with Plainly

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Using Plainly Videos, the Serbian Superliga side FC Voždovac transformed their social media channels and gained a 100% increase in reach during their games.



The initial situation at the club

Being a modern football club, FC Voždovac gives a lot of attention to its fans and tries to have high social media standards in order to achieve close interactions with its fans on a daily basis. For the club, the game day is especially important, as it's expected that most of the fans will be active and looking for up-to-date information, photos and videos. If a game is not streamed live on a free-TV broadcaster, then the club's website, Twitter & Instagram accounts are the best places to follow the game live.

The game day is really stressful, explains Ruža Ilić, the club's PR and social media manager:

During the game, we have to react very fast, almost simultaneously as the specific action! Our content must reflect the game's situation and be adjusted and published on our website and Social Media profiles with the smallest time difference possible. It's very hectic from an hour before the kick-off until an hour after the referee's final whistle.

As Mrs. Ilić says, in order to increase reach and content interactions, the club tries to add visual media content to the live textual converge. However, the club continuously struggled to provide diversity into the visual content and provide live information data on images or videos:

We had to use pre-made content for a specific situation because it was a waste of time to create something new when describing everything on the website or Twitter. When there was more time, we would make specific content and use different apps to end up with a satisfying post. Let me mention the fact that for each media, you have to adjust the content you publish.

Going to the next level with Plainly Automation

FC Voždovac started working closely with Plainly Videos early in the season 2020/21. Due to the COVID-19 crisis and closed stadiums, the club was eager to lift the social media video content to the next level and the connection was made.

The club wanted to have a simple way to generate a short video for important game events, like a goal being scored. The video should contain the actual game data information like opponent name & logo, current score, game minute, goalscorer picture, etc. Furthermore, the club insisted that video should be available in a short time so that there is no delay in the content posting.

After two weeks everything was ready for the first test. The Plainly team was invited to the home game against FC Spartak Subotica on October 17th and everything went smoothly:

We felt like we suddenly had an entire group of people helping us to finish the job faster! Firstly, the content was authentic, and it elevated our profiles instantly. The amount of time we used to create content for all the profiles through Plainly was comparable to posting a photo on Instagram only!

The club quickly realized that they are not benefiting only from the cool game-related videos, but that the automatic generation and speed actually helps them out during the live coverage:

Football is an exciting game, and you have to match your content with it. What is a better way than having an animated video with all data included? Fans want to feel the same excitement when they look at our Instagram Story as much as when they see the goal on TV or at the stadium. We managed to reach more people, which is an ultimate goal for the PR & Marketing department. It helped our brand image as well.

Clear benefits for the club

Since starting using Plainly to generate dynamic videos and uploading them to their social media accounts, FC Voždovac is seeing an increase of at least 100% in likes, retweets and other content interactions during their games. Mrs. Ilić says that this is a big step forward for the club and their relationship with the fans. She is confident that this will enable the club to further grow its audience.d

Fans use our stories to keep up with a game if they can't watch, and they start interacting with us accordingly. On Twitter, for example, when we post a Plainly generated video, we know how many people followed our account during the game as soon as it's over.

Vozdovac Football Club has been using Plainly for a couple of seasons and has been a game changer for us!

As of today, we have been unique in the way of presenting instant results and important facts during the game, thanks to the Plainly software to our community.

The software is super user-friendly and allows us to work in the moment and a specific environment, such as on the football pitch, over the phone, or while we are doing additional content simultaneously.

To have the fans follow your content during the game or to get essential information afterward, you need to bring something fast and obvious while communicating, and that's where Plainly stepped up for us.

Ruza Ilic

Social Media Manager, FC Vozdovac

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