Allow your agents to create branded videos in a few clicks.

Success of your agents equals your success. Offering them an easy way to create stunning video material that’s branded is a sure way to set them up for success.

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The key benefits

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Templates / Custom Projects

Use a template from our library to which you can easily add branding elements, or create your own templates in After Effects.

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API Access

Using Plainly API you can create integrations that will pull data from dynamic data sources such as your listing management system or a 3rd party API.

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Custom Video Creation Forms

Our team can help you create brandable video creation forms that will ensure that your agents only edit certain parts of the video.

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Large Scale Creation

Our rendering infrastructure can handle 1000s of videos with ease, which means that your agents / franchisees can create large volumes of videos.

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After Effects Compatible

If you work with an agency that uses After Effects for video creation you can utilize existing videos since Plainly is After Effects compatible.

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More Than Dynamic Text

You’re not limited to only dynamic text, they can also dynamically change images, audio, video and even colors!

Allow your agents to create videos in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Pick (or create) your video template

Find a template that suits you, or create a custom one using After Effects.

Step 2

Create & connect the video creation form

Create the video creation form that will get shared with your agents and connect it to Plainly via the API. Our team can help you with this.

Step 3

Render videos automatically

That’s it! Plainly will start rendering videos automatically as soon as there are new entries to the video creation form.

Start with a template

Create agent real estate videos in a few clicks.

See all templates

We’re using Plainly to allow our users to create club keys and event invites. We decided on Plainly because we can quickly import an After Effects project, and the integration with their API was easy. It would take us ages to build a video creating feature in UltraViolet, so integrating with Plainly was a no-brainer and it paid off so far.

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Aabid Shamji

Leading AI/ML, Ultraviolet

We've used Plainly to automate the production of a large NFT collection. It holds a crucial part within our automation pipeline where it takes our large database, puts it through our After Effects template and magically exports mp4s. We literally had team members saying "It's like magic". Plainly team was amazing helping us bring everything to production, it's obvious that customer satisfaction is super important to them. To anyone who wants to automate video production, we recommend Plainly over any other alternative on the market!

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Filip Rastovic

Lead Technical Artist, Eterlast

The Plainly team did a great job supporting our event in our crunch time! Their clear documentation was easy to follow and the UI was easy to implement into our workflow. The original idea was to use a service to generate static images with our parameters, however, after talking with Plainly, the only logical thing to do is make a set of short videos. Our minimal effort paid off tenfold.

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Alex Kovacevic

CEO, Creative Tree

FAQ about agent real estate videos

How long should a real estate video be?

The ideal length of a real estate video depends on the platform and purpose. For property listings, aim for 1-3 minutes to showcase key features. Social media videos should be shorter, around 30 seconds to 1 minute, while neighborhood or area videos can range from 2 to 5 minutes. Prioritize quality visuals and engaging content regardless of the length.

How to make real estate videos free?

To create real estate videos for free, use your smartphone or existing camera for recording, utilize free video editing software like iMovie or OpenShot, and leverage free resources such as stock footage, music, and video templates.

What percentage of realtors use video?

Video adoption in the real estate industry has been increasing as it provides immersive experiences and captures the attention of potential buyers. It is safe to say that a significant number of realtors are incorporating video into their marketing strategies.

Why realtors should use video?

Realtors should use video as it enhances property showcases, increases engagement and emotional connection with potential buyers, broadens reach and visibility, provides a competitive advantage, improves online presence and SEO, and allows for virtual tours and remote viewing.

What are the best topics for real estate videos?

The best topics for real estate videos include property showcases, neighborhood highlights, market updates, tips for buyers and sellers, testimonials and success stories, Q&A sessions, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. These topics engage viewers, provide valuable information, showcase expertise, and build trust with potential clients.

Start allowing your agents to create stunning marketing videos

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