Automate AI spokesperson videos on a large scale

Combine AI avatars, your data and custom branded templates to create engaging videos automatically.

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The key benefits

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Hand Picked AI Avatars

We hand pick avatars that are available to you. Only the ones that look natural pass our filtering process to ensure high quality videos.

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Go Beyond Avatars

With Plainly you can easily add data from multiple data sources (API’s, RSS, XML..etc) and create videos that go beyond just AI spokesperson.

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API Access

With our API you can easily create workflows that will pull data from various sources, and also send videos to you/your user after render.

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Custom/Branded Templates

You can start with a template from our template library that’s easy to brand, or you can create your own using After Effects.

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Our AI avatars, voiceover and on-screen text support multiple languages. This means that you can create videos in a wide range of languages.

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Unlimited Scalability

Want to do large volumes of AI spokesperson videos? No worries, our rendering infrastructure can handle 1000s of videos with ease.

Start creating AI spokesperson videos in 3 easy steps

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Step 1

Pick (or create) your video template

Start creating videos in a few clicks using a template from our library, or create your own using After Effects.

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Step 2

Pick your AI spokesperson

Choose which AI avatar you want to use from our large library of hand-picked avatars.

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Step 3

Render videos automatically

Send data that’s going to be in the video (through Web App or API) and Plainly will insert that, alongside our AI avatar into the template to create a unique video.

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Plainly has been an incredible partner in helping us develop new business models in the field of video. With the help of their incredible team, we were able to seamlessly integrate Plainly’s technology within our own technological framework, thus opening up entirely new possibilities in our video production. Plainly is quickly shaping the future of video and we are looking forward to continuing to work with them!

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Mark Luxenhofer

Team Lead AI Video @ BurdaForward

We've used Plainly to automate the production of a large NFT collection. It holds a crucial part within our automation pipeline where it takes our large database, puts it through our After Effects template and magically exports mp4s. We literally had team members saying "It's like magic". Plainly team was amazing helping us bring everything to production, it's obvious that customer satisfaction is super important to them. To anyone who wants to automate video production, we recommend Plainly over any other alternative on the market!

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Filip Rastovic

Lead Technical Artist, Eterlast

We’re using Plainly to allow our users to create club keys and event invites. We decided on Plainly because we can quickly import an After Effects project, and the integration with their API was easy. It would take us ages to build a video creating feature in UltraViolet, so integrating with Plainly was a no-brainer and it paid off so far.

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Aabid Shamji

Leading AI/ML, Ultraviolet

Start creating AI spokesperson videos today!

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FAQ about AI spokesperson videos

Is there AI that generates videos?

Yes, AI-powered tools can generate videos by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. These tools automate the process of video creation, allowing users to quickly generate videos from templates, images, or text inputs. However, human video production still offers a higher level of creativity, storytelling, and customization compared to AI-generated videos.

How do I make an AI spokesperson?

To create an AI spokesperson, choose an AI platform specialized in generating virtual avatars, prepare a script, customize the avatar's appearance, train the AI model if necessary, generate the video, review and edit it as needed, and then export and publish the final video.

What is the best AI avatar creator?

We created an article on this topic. The key players are Synthesia, Elai, Heygen and HourOne among others. Best one is probably Synthesia due to it's amazing avatars and ease of use.

What AI generator is everybody using?

Some of the most popular AI spokesperson video creators are Synthesia, Elai, HeyGen, HourOne, SteveAI and Neuraloom.

Is Plainly an AI video generator?

Although Plainly has AI features, it doesn't have the ability to create videos out of thin air. The strength of Plainly is API access and the fact that you can combine multiple data sources and AI tools into an engaging video that you can't make with a single AI avatar creator.