Publish highly relevant video content daily, without hiring a video team.

Creating video content is a slow and technical process.That's why we utilize the best data sources available in combination with Plainly video editing API to programmatically generate localized, branded, and relevant video content which you can utilize to enrich your articles and reap the benefits of video.

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The key benefits

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Only upside, no effort

Get all of the benefits of the video such as higher user engagement, increased dwell time and monetization without investing in a video team.

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Fully customizable

All of the videos can be fully branded to comply with your brand, and also localized in different languages and regions.

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Always relevant

We analyze large sets of data on a daily basis to produce only the most relevant and timely content which will get clicks and engagement.

Available feeds

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French Open 2024

Engaging sports videos outlining the latest match results from the French Open, created every hour in story and wide formats.

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Daily Local Events

Stay in the know with daily updates on local events happening around you.

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Earthquake Reports

Daily updates on earthquake activity to keep you safe and informed.

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Daily horoscope readings to guide you through your day.

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Tips & Recipes

Top Recipes Today

Daily recipes to inspire your culinary adventures.

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Music & Film

Music Top Charts

Daily updates on top music charts to discover new tunes.

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Get all of the video benefits, with 0 work from your team.

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